ALCO 1600 sound project, original engine edition

A new 1600 sound project will be available soon, powered with the original ALCO 244f and electro-hydraulic regulator. 1600 series ended up with ALCO 251C-3 that are basically the same engines that were incorporated into RENFE 2100 series. Although locomotives with 244F engines no longer survive except for one preserved 1615 known as “Marilyn”, the old ALCO 244f represent the true sound essence of these beautiful locomotives, and its our preferred, undoubtedly.
In this project for the original 1600 we will include two horns: the usual, bitonal based on a minor third interval, and Leslie three chime, that was given by an American engineer and, as seen in the photograph, It was part of the 1604 for some time.

Alco 1605

Alco 1605. with three-chime Leslie horn

Very soon we will also offer (recording soon) the 316 with ALCO 251C-3, with  almost REFE 321 identical sound  and therefore with less personality. Everyone can load the one that best suits them.

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