Locomotive sound recordings

I make live recordings of real working locomotives, getting high quality sound samples and doing sound projects to be used in model train locomotives. Model Trains can be installed onboard with digital electronics with a speaker designed to provide sound that comes from the locomotive itself, emulating the behavior of real trains. My aim is to get authentic sound projects for each model train to transmit the actual characteristics of a real locomotive, knowing the sounds are authentic.
I’m working in collaboration with the German company Doehler & Haass, and conducting spectrometric and acoustic studies with the Spanish company Decoders.es

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Soundcloud playlist with Railsounds samples

Now available a Soundcloud playlist with sound samples of all projects sound I have made. These are files that reproduce the real behavior of a narrow-gauge locomotive fitted with Railsounds sound projects. With this utility it is now very easy to discover the peculiarities of each project ...
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Alco 1605

ALCO 1600 sound project, original engine edition

A new 1600 sound project will be available soon, powered with the original ALCO 244f and electro-hydraulic regulator. 1600 series ended up with ALCO 251C-3 that are basically the same engines that were incorporated into RENFE 2100 series. Although locomotives with 244F engines no longer survive except for one preserved 1615 known as "Marilyn", the old ...
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Load compensation and sound on small-gauge locomotives

The goal of load compensation on digital small-gauge locomotives is to maintain consistent speed in all circumstances and only limited by available power. A decoder featuring load compensation is programmed to monitor the electromotive force (EMF) of the engine in "normal" conditions. Any deviation from this "basic load" will be interpreted as a ramp or slope, causing a variation of ...
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La gran sinfonía del tren

New Doehler&Haass official sound project: Alco 1800 RENFE

Doeheler & Haass just released, for free download, my last sound project for RENFE Alco 1800. This new work is incorporated into the official list of sounds from the German sound decoders company. The sound samples were obtained from 1812 locomotive, that is  preserved in excellent working condition in Monforte de Lemos (Galicia, Spain), ...
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RENFE sounds free download at Doehler & Haass

Two of our RENFE locomotive sounds are available for free download on the official Doehler & Haass website. And more coming soon ...
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Carlos Núñez Deza

Recording RENFE Alco 321 locomotive

In recent days we have been able to record two Alco locomotives of the 2100 series, 321.054.9 and 321.070.5. There is no doubt that the sound of these engines is spectacular, very similar to 1800 we have also recorded (I'll upload a small post about this recording very soon) with ...
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